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Uk Cacti Seed. 80% germination rate. 


Reported to be rare to extinct in the wild due to freely roaming hungry goats. "several sets of people have been unable to locate it including botanists searching on behalf of the kew prior to the publication of Hunts New Cactus Lexicon " from Trouts notes.


Scopulicola is a columnar cactus native to Tarija, Bolivia. It can get up to 4m tall. Has an impressive beautiful white flower. This type of cactus is known for small spines to zero spines. ( Scops are my personal favourite as it has unusually short to non existant spines.


Originally discovered in 1959 by Friederich Ritter it was given the collection name FR991 


This cactus is happy at 10 degrees centigrade and up however it can stand temperatures as low as -5 for short amounts of time.     

Trichocereus Scopulicola x OP Seeds

SKU: 00030
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