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Acacia Confusa

Family: Leguminosae


Acacia confusa is native to northern Phillipines and Taiwan where it is used as a herbal medicine.


International Common Names

English - acacia petit, , Formosan koa, mimosa, small Phillipine acacia, Taiwan acacia

Chinese and Taiwanese - Taiwan xiangshi


Local Common Names

Guam – boiffuring, shoshigi, sosigi, sosugi

Federated states of Micronesia - pilampwoia

Northern Mariana Islands – serepa, soschghi

Palau – ianángi, yanangi


A. confusa is a nitrogen fixing species and a pioneer tree on wastelands. It grows fast and has great adaptability to a wide range of soils. It is widely cultivated for coastal shelterbelt forests, soil and water conservation, fuelwood stands and for ornamental purposes. It also shows high potential for the pulp industry. It has a range of wood and non-wood end uses, amongst others fuelwood, domestic woodware, oils, bark products, honey and tannins. Research on breeding is needed.


Acacia Confusa Plant

  • Although Acacia Confusa does not have high soil requirements, it is best grown in moist and loose slightly acidic, neutral or sandy loam soils and compost. For potted plants we recommend 90% coir/10%perlite or a good multi-purpose, peat free compost. Small amounts of general purpose liquid fertilizer can be occasionally used. These plants are not hardy in the UK as small plants so avoid temperatures under 10degrees c.

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