Garden Consultancy by The Physic Garden

We have become aware of a need for a service which offers a tailor made plan for a garden which can be carried out either by the owner or by a gardener, but that is not a design, but practical advice that will improve rather than recreate your outdoor space. The service is as follows.

The booking of a consultation with Sara Venn. Once the consultation is booked you will be sent a questionnaire which will help to determine what is needed from your garden as well as things that you long for. This needs to be emailed back before the consultation takes place.
Whilst at the consultation Sara will discuss with you what your needs are for your space, and what you would like to achieve. This may be as simple as knowing that you want a new border but not being sure of where it could go and how to begin, to more complicated things, such as implementing a forest gardening regime.
Sara will take a soil sample to determine the type of soil in the garden (or indeed the types!) and also take a pH test which will help to determine the varieties of plants that will be most at home in the garden.
Any problems can be discussed, from poorly performing plants to hard landscaping issues. Sara will also go through your questionnaire with you and talk about any issues that may have arisen from that.
Within 5 days of the consultation you will be provided with a detailed report of everything that was discussed along with an action plan to get things underway. If necessary you will be put in touch with landscapers, gardeners etc, who will help to achieve your goal.

Sara is happy to provide on-going support for these projects if necessary and this can also be discussed at the consultation.

The cost of the consultation is £55.00 plus VAT, payable by return of post of the Consultation Report.

To book a consultation please e-mail