Culinary Herbs N-Z

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Origanum marjorana
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Petroselinum crispum
Parsley is usually grown as an annual herb although it can be grown as a biennial, sown in late summer for use the following year. It is a widely used herb, added to stews, fish dishes, sauces and many others, as well as being widely used as a garnish.

In the garden parsley can be slow to germinate from seed but once through can grow up to 75cm tall and can be used to great affect at the front of the herbaceous border as an edging plant.

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Petroselinum crispum French Curled
This cultivar of Parsley is the most popular for garnishing dishes due to its attractive , curling leaves.
It is worth mentioning that parsley is very useful in companion planting as it attracts predatory wasps which will help to eliminate garden pests such as aphid.
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Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary is a Mediterranean, woody perennial herb which is drought tolerant and hence a good garden plant for those with limited water Its Latin name translates as Dew of the Sea as in many places it can grow with the sea breeze providing it with all the moisture it needs. It has a huge range of culinary uses, often with meat dishes and has a very definite taste and aroma.
The plant can grow up to 1.5 m tall in typical conditions but it can be pruned or harvested to keep it smaller, and can be used as low hedging in a herb garden. As it is evergreen it can give year round colour to a part of the garden that is difficult to give winter interest to. It flowers mainly in summer, with bluish/white small flowers at its tips.
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Salvia patens
Gentian Sage is a native of Mexico and although it is not completely hardy can be easily potted and put into a frost free greenhouse for overwintering. Its vivid blue flowers are borne in midsummer and the plant will grow to 75cm tall, making it an excellent choice for the hebaceous border.
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Salvia elegans
Pineapple Sage is a native of Mexico and Guatamala and is used as part of those country's traditional medicine. The leaves have the aroma of pineapple and can be used in drinks and as a flavouring to ice creams and sorbets as well as added to salads.
It can grow up to 1.5m tall and will flower in late summer to autumn making it a fantastic choice for a late summer or exotic border.
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Salvia microphylla
Blackcurrant Sage or Graham's Sage is native to the southern states of the USA and to Mexico. It is used to make a tea which is said to be calming and so therapeutic and is used as a herbal medicine.
It will grow to just over 1m tall and flowers twice, once in late spring and again in the autumn. Its red colour makes it an excellent choice for an exotic border, and its early flowering period will help to expand the period of interest in that border.
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Thai Basil
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