The following courses can be run by Sara throughout the year. Please contact us for more information.

Chilli Growing:From Seed to Plate
This will be a day learning about the wonders of chilli growing, from sowing the seeds all the way through to harvesting the fruits and how to use them.        

Allotments and Growing Your Own for Beginners
This is a full day, with practical work included, which will take in all aspects of allotment management in the first year of ownership. 

Grow a Garden from Seeds
Sara will show how to sow seeds successfully and then how to manage the seedlings and small plants to ensure they become good quality plants ready for your garden. 

Composting and Compost Teas
Learn the wonders of how to make good quality compost and Sara's famous compost tea recipes along side some secrets of soil management.

Growing Your Organic Garden
Sara expalins how to set up and run an organic garden, either ornamental, kitchen or both, using nature, wildlife and natures bounties as pest control and nutrients. This will also discuss the famous compost tea recipes.

Spring and Early Summer Propagation
A day of seed sowing, splitting and dividing perennials and talking about summer bulbs and corms, alongside how to take a successful cutting and planting out of seedlings.

Autumn Propagation
Preparing yopur garden for the year ahead by sowing hardy annuals, taking cuttings, splitting perennials and learning how to take semi hardwood and hardwood cuttings.

Gardening with Herbs
A short history of the herb garden is followed by a session on how to grow and propagate your own herbs and how to ensure you get a maximum yield from them.