About Us

The Physic Garden is run by Sara Venn, a plant mad horticulturalist, passionate about all plants, but especially those that have multiple uses.  The belief I hold is that although its wonderful to have a stunning garden, why not at least try to grow something productive. For some people that may be a pot outside the back door filled with herbs they use daily, for some it may be a few alpine strawberries to edge a bed, and for others it could be a full on forest garden. My aim is to help to achieve the goals you have through offering
Garden Consultancy and by making beautiful plants available to you.

The aim of this site is to provide a reference facility to anyone searching for plants to use in their gardens that will be both beautiful and productive. The Plant Selector pages are there to help this to happen and will eventually provide a comprehensive list of plants that will create you a beautiful and productive garden, be it a small window box garden or a large acreage. This will show the range of plants that can be used from the smallest herb through to the biggest tree and much inbetween.

Whilst productivity and beauty are both important, its also vital that your garden's design has its feet in some form of tradition, be it historical, of permaculture design, a forest garden or one of many other choices. There will be sections on all these gardening genres with explanations of how and why they would be good, solid ways to create a stunning space.